The siren, completed

Roaring Donkey, Petaluma

Projecting, with animated lamp-chaser

Painted lobby sign, Keller Sreet Co Work, Petaluma

Freestanding wooden sign - circa 1989

A backlit Starbucks 'Siren' under construction

Up on the lift at the

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

​circa 1995

Detail, painted lobby sign at Keller Street

Sketch / proposal & finished product

Quinua Restaurant, Petaluma

carved barnwood from Heritage Salvage,

rusted steel details

Painting the big wall graphic, Keller Street Co Work, Petaluma

​CA Contractor LIC # 833377

​SINCE 1972

Sign Gallery

"Northern Gateway to Yosemite"  Groveland, CA

Hand carved, gilded wood

Sandblasting a wooden sign

inset = finished sign

Gold ​Leaf reverse-glass window sign

​​Stick & Ball, Mill Valley CA

rusted steel background, brass letters