This one looks more like the actual colors 

Santa Cruz Boardwalk;

Walkway 5, under the GIANT DIPPER rollercoaster - one of many, many murals for the Boardwalk over the years!

One of a series of vintage fruit-box label murals, Watsonville, CA

Williams mural - Williams, CA, 2015

‚Äčapprox. 90 ft x 32 ft

Starbucks mural

In Process - gradient background painted,

ready for an oak tree!

Redevelopment mural, Santa Cruz, CA - 1995

Booker T. Washington Community Center 

San Francisco, CA - Note scaffold for scale (30 ft x 40 ft)

City of Capitola Arts Commission - 120 ft x 20 ft

Reno, Nevada - high above the Truckee River!

Vintage Bank Antiques, Petaluma

Williams mural - detail

Williams mural - detail

Alice Ramsey Mural - Reno, NV, 2004 - 50 ft x 12 ft.

Starbucks, Winters, CA

Owner: Engstrom Development, West Sacramento, CA 

Architect: McCandless Architects, Woodland CA

Neptune's Kingdom Mural - Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Williams mural "before"

Residential barn mural - doors, horses and figures are painted; the rest is real.