Moj-San (Croatian: 'My Dream') - Petaluma - Cut out letters on rusted steel strips

1/2 inch rusted steel, copper ornaments.

Cut-out / painted steel letters

(Reno, NV)

Back-yard sign for an artsy family

Carving on-site at Vajrapani Buddhist retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains

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Cut-out wooden letters, painted details

Font designed impromptu (on-site) to resemble Tibetan calligraphy

Plasma-cut steel letters custom made by Maselli & Sons in Petaluma.

Weathered and treated wood from Heritage Salvage - Petaluma.

​Welded bracket and sign details all steel, left to rust naturally.

Petaluma Sign Company is a love-based business

Office directory - free-standing - Ross, CA

For the City of Petaluma

​CA Contractor LIC # 833377

​SINCE 1972

​Karma Yoga - San Francisco

K-9 Country Club - freestanding digital-print sign

Karma Yoga - Interior lobby - 1/8 inch thick brass

The finished sign- click HERE for information about Vajrapani

A couple of the 70-odd carved wood signs made for Vajrapani Institute - carved on-site