Karma Yoga - Interior lobby - 1/8 inch thick brushed brass

K-9 Country Club - a freestanding digital-print sign

The finished sign- click HERE for information about Vajrapani

A couple of the 70-odd carved wood signs made for Vajrapani Institute - carved on-site

Office directory - free-standing - Ross, CA

Moj-San (Croatian: 'My Dream') - Petaluma - Cut out letters on rusty steel stripes

Moj-San's Website

S I N C E    1 9 7 2

1/2 in reclaimed,

rusted steel,

copper ornaments.

Cut-out / painted

steel letters

(Reno, NV)

Karma Yoga - San Francisco

Carving on-site at a Buddhist retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains

♥ Petaluma Sign Company is a love-based business ♥

Cut-out wooden letters, painted details

Font designed impromptu (on-site) to resemble Tibetan calligraphy

A 4 x 8 foot sign for a residential back yard!

Their names are Tannenbaum and Dixon; 'TANDIX' is their nickname, and they love the Oakland vintage baseball teams... one thing lead to another, and there ya go...

Done in catalyzed urethane (think automotive paint) for longevity.

Freestanding, "utility" type sign

John Ton


Theater poster designed by John Ton

​CA Contractor LIC # 833377  -  C-45


Plasma-cut steel letters custom made by Maselli & Sons in Petaluma.

Weathered and treated wood from Heritage Salvage - Petaluma.

​Welded bracket and sign details all steel, left to rust naturally.