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 CA Contractor Lic# 833377

"Art is the fruit of the Human Endeavor"- John Ton

Petaluma Sign Company

John Ton, owner, Petaluma Sign Company

Since 1972, providing meaningful, legible, beautiful signs for all kinds of businesses, from the simplest vehicle graphic, to full airport directional / ADA signage. Petaluma Sign Co. - call John Ton today for a free consultation and estimate! (707) 322-0009

Rationale, gasconade, braggadocio and general cock-a-doodle-doo relative to  orthography and signology:

In my opinion, a sign is your business' second-best form of advertising (the first being word-of-mouth referrals). Signs last a long, long time for your dollar, they're visible 24/7, typically have very low maintenance costs, and, if designed and built thoughtfully, can convey a very accurate depiction of who you are and what your product or service is.

Over my 40-plus years hand crafting signs, I've learned that much. My experience spans virtually every aspect of the complex world of signage. From the simplest vehicle graphic to large illuminated signs with engineered footings and wind load calculations, I can honestly say I've done it all.

I won't try to impress you with a list; suffice it to say, if it can be called a sign, I've built one like it! I will mention a few kinds of signs I DON'T make, if you'll please bear with me: illegible signs; banners; magnetic signs; illegal (as in, not permitted) signs; political / campaign signs; unsafe signs; tacky signs; billboards; dysfunctional signs; signs that make noise; signs that rotate, flap, gyrate or dance in the wind; digital signs (yuck);  ... yawn ... there are so many BAD ways to make a sign!

Petaluma Sign Company is located at my home, so please be respectful and make an appointment - besides, it's better to meet at the location of the proposed sign anyway! I run a one-man show, so every aspect of a project, large or small, goes through me.

If you've read this far, you're either (A) bored beyond belief and have resorted to reading random websites to fill the hours; you have my sympathy and pity, (B) a competitor [hugs and kisses] trying to see just what this John Ton character is all about, having the gall, the nerve, the brass, to horn in on your "turf", or hopefully, (C) a sincere potential customer, a business owner in the North Bay Area who really wants to make his/her advertising dollar stretch - while making that vital, irretrievable first impression on your potential customers.

Come to my little shop and view my portfolios, hear my philosophies on the effective purposes behind signage, and, hopefully, write me a nice deposit check for one of the best investments your business could possibly make to increase sales and better your public perception.

I love Petaluma. Leslie and I are dedicated to this community.

I hope to do what I can to beautify the business districts of this lively, lovely town with thoughtful, tasteful, interesting signs.

John Ton